A call for Adaptive Investment Pathways

A call for Adaptive Investment Pathways NaBWIG post-doc Pooja Prasad was invited at the UNESCO global conference on Climate-resilient Water Management Approaches: Application Towards Climate Action and Agenda 2030 held virtually Oct 26-28, 2021. In her response to how bottom-up approaches may be scaled up to address climate uncertainties, Pooja makes a call for Adaptive […]

Stakeholder workshops in Kajiado

The NaBWIG team organized two stakeholder workshops on historic and future adaptive pathways in the Olkeriai river basin.  The goals of the workshop were (1) to build an understanding of the historic pathways taken by different groups in response to risks and opportunities  faced by the communities and, (2) to discuss perceptions of future risks, […]

Two new MSc graduates supported by NaBWIG

NaBWIG supported two more M.Sc. thesis research this year. The graduating students are Ms. Grace Edina Wani from Malawi and Mr. Sintayehu Fetene Demessie from Ethiopia, who both successfully defended their thesis! This brought the total number of completed Masters’ thesis under project NaBWIG to six. Both Grace and Sintayehu will return back to their […]

Farmer voices from sand rivers

Farmer voices from sand rivers – special session at WaterNet Symposium 2020 As part of the online WaterNet symposium 2020, a special session on small holder farms and sand rivers titled “Farmer voices from sand rivers” on October 30 2020, 10:00 – 12:00 SAST. See below program for more details:

Workshop on Intensification of Agriculture through Natural Water Storage

As part of the NaBWIG project IHE Delft Institute of Water Education in collboration with partners organised a workshop on “Intensification of Agriculture through Natural Water Storage in Alluvial Aquifers for Small Scale Farmers in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas (ASAL) in Eastern Africa.” Below given is the program and participant list of the workshop. 

MSc Theses as part of NaBWIG project

MSc Theses as part of NaBWIG project 1. Assessing the dynamics of private smallholder irrigation using sand river aquifers in semi-arid lands: A Case Study of different farming systems along the ephemeral Olkeriai River in Kajiado, Kenya Conceptual framework and research methodology: Identification of shallow alluvial aquifer based farm system typologies and their characteristics through […]

Co-produced systems model facilitates research uptake

What do you get when you put a group of cross-functional stakeholders together for 4 days of immersive discussion? The NaBWIG project, focused on nature-based water storage solutions in shallow alluvial aquifers, held such a workshop in Nairobi bringing together researchers, policymakers, regulatory agencies, government officers, civil society and community leaders. In a participatory exercise, […]