Articles published by the project in peer-reviewed Journals

Duker, Annelieke E.C., Benson Mutuma Karimba, Grace E. Wani, Pooja Prasad, Pieter Van der Zaag and Charlotte De Fraiture, 2022. Security in flexibility: accessing land and water for irrigation in Kenya’s changing rural environment. Cahiers Agricultures 31, 7 [doi:10.1051/cagri/2022003] [OPEN ACCESS]

Mutuma Karimba, Benson, Annelieke Duker, Pooja Prasad, Poolad Karimi, Charlotte de Fraiture and Pieter van der Zaag, 2022. Irrigation on the move: How transient farming partnerships facilitate the expansion of smallholder irrigation along ephemeral rivers in dryland areas of Kenya. Agricultural Water Management 265, 107526 [doi:10.1016/j.agwat.2022.107526] [OPEN ACCESS]

M.Sc. Theses Completed under Project NaBWIG

Focus: Olkeriai river basin, Kajiado county, Kenya

Cheptoo, C. 2022. Assessing nature based solutions for smallholder irrigation in Kenya drylands. A case of water storage and abstraction in the Olkeriai river basin, Kajiado county, Kenya. MSc Thesis, IHE Delft

Wani, G.E., 2021. The role of migration in the development of smallholder farmer-led irrigation A case study along the sand river aquifers of Kajiado County, Kenya. MSc thesis, IHE Delft

Nyongesa, S.J., 2020. Understanding the Hydrogeology of Kajiado and the Role of Sand River on Groundwater Storage and Abstraction. MSc thesis, IHE Delft

Karimba, B. M., 2020. Assessing the dynamics of private smallholder irrigation using sand river aquifers in semi-arid lands: A Case Study of different farming systems along the ephemeral Olkeriai River in Kajiado, Kenya. MSc thesis, IHE Delft

Sesay, A.M., 2020. Mapping Small-scale Informal Irrigation using Time Series of High Resolution Data from Sentinel 2A/2b Satellite: A case Study from Kenya. MSc thesis, IHE Delft

Focus: Toroka river basin, Kajiado county, Kenya

Frem, M., 2022. Nature-based water storage in seasonal rivers in support of resilient livelihoods in semi-arid regions in Africa: assessing the recharge and storage potential of the Toroka sand river in Kenya. MSc Thesis, IHE Delft.

Nyongesa, D.W., 2022. Water from seasonal sand rivers of arid and semi-arid lands for agriculture use. A case of Toroka river basin, Kajiado. MSc Thesis, IHE Delft

Focus: Tiva river basin, Kitui county, Kenya

Brummelkamp. J., 2020. Sand storage dams in Kitui – Kenya: community perspective on access to water: An evaluation using Q-methodology. MSc Thesis. TU Delft

Focus: Mai Gobo and Geregera watersheds, Tigray, Ethiopia

Demessie, S. F., 2021. Evaluation of Agricultural Water Productivity of smallholder Irrigation along Sand River. A Comparative Study in the Riverbeds of northern Ethiopia. MSc thesis, IHE Delft